We had totally intended to go to parties this weekend, but we both got the creeping crud and we figured everyone would be totally cool with us NOT giving out viral invaders as the world’s worst party favour.

So, we are at home, and I have turned the red sofa into a pillow and quilt-laden nest, from which I am watching the snow fall. It’s pretty.

The house is now decorated for Christmas, as it is now after my birthday, and therefore Christmas may start. When I was little, I avoided the whole “this is your birthday AND your Xmas present” nightmare because my older brother’s birthday came 6 days after mine, and he was adamant that Xmas and birthdays could not be combined.

Yay, older brothers. I was never confident enough as a kid to demand that sort of concession, so his determination benefited us both.

The house does look really nice; it’s not quite enough at the moment to make up for missing a fun weekend of seeing beloved friends, but the snow helps. Also, the soft sofa nest, and the bacon/avocado macaroni salad Bob has made for lunch.

And the snow. I love snow.

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