I had the bestest times evah! This past weekend was amazing, and informative, and just all-around cool.  I’m a shy person (I cover well, but trust me, I am really shy with strangers), and I was anxious before going to the Frolic, since I don’t really feel like I’ve added anything new to my skills for ages.  Not that anything like that was required to go.

But everyone was lovely!  I got to meet people I’ve admired for a very long time, and who have added huge realms of knowledge to my personal skills base, and… I’m rambling.

But it was so cool to meet everyone. You are all the best.

I also handed over my latest project: The drawn-out design for a patterned coverlet for the tester bed in the Row House at the Jamestown Settlement and Museum, embroidery to be done by volunteers in the Costume Shop.  I adapted the design from a cushion cover, and set it up so that the only stitch required was back stitch/running stitch (I wanted it to be easy).

This is the coverlet on our guest bed – a full-size mattress:

DSCF4473 - Copy
1600-style coverlet design

And here’s a close-up section with size comparison:

1600s embroidery design
coverlet embroidery pattern by Laura Mellin

Whew! I’m pleased with it.  There are extras and changes I made, as I always like to play with design even when I’m following a particular piece.  There are bugs and snails here and there, I changed a flower and played with the others to fit the monochrome style.

Also, Noel, I have a couple of pictures of our vultures!

We’ve known for several years that if we put out a container with water, our vultures will happily drink from it, rather than going down to one of the streams nearby (near, but not close).  I think they like to be able to drink closer to their nest. This year, Bob suggested we get a plastic kid’s pool, as last year we noticed that the juvenile vulture liked to stand in the water, as well as drink from it. So, Bob found a cheap one at the store, and we filled it.  And waited.

It turns out, we didn’t have to wait long!  The vultures started drinking from it almost immediately, but then one day…

“It’s hot!  This looks nice!”DSCF4463 - Copy

“Bloop! Got your nose!”DSCF4464 - Copy

“Aaaaahhhh! Refreshing!”DSCF4468 - Copy

“Now… a little session on the sunny deck to dry out!”DSCF4471 - Copy

They are the cutest; I love them.  I’ve been leaving the old chicken coop where they nest  alone, since the female is a little shy still, and I don’t want to stress her out.  We should know soon whether nesting was successful, as the flying lessons will begin with building up their muscles, like this exercise session from last year:

DSCF3435 - Copy

That is the female watching, and the juvenile practicing.  It still has a little bit of a fluffy ruff, and some fluffy bits of feather here and there.

So, awesome weekend, thank you to everyone who was so nice and friendly (I loved your jackets and clothes, and everything!), thank you to JYF and Cindy, and Chris. I love you all, and I show my love by posting pictures of vultures. *heart*

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