I said to myself that I would start to keep my journal updated, especially after my awful FaceBook experience, but here it is, three and a half weeks after Pennsic, and I’m still avoiding my computer (except to play games and read Cracked).

I had an amazing Pennsic. I was exhausted every day, I couldn’t handle the heat at all (Hashimoto’s kills your ability to properly temperature-regulate), I barely did any shopping, and I missed connecting with friends. But it was still amazing.

Bob has been a member of the Knowne Worlde Players (KWP) for five years now – his debut performance was a huge part in Ben Johnson’s The Alchemist – and last year he persuaded me to audition for the play we performed this year – a spoof of Forbidden Broadway called Forbidden Pennsic (written by the same playwright who wrote Hector of Troy, the play Bob was in last year). We got parts, and we learned our music, and at Pennsic, we started with a read-through Saturday of Peace week, and performed the next Friday.

It was so cool. I had so much fun. I ended up with an extra singing part in one of the songs, and Bob and I sang a duet, and we sang chorus for some other songs. The way KWP puts on a performance is hard-core Elizabethan style, going from initial blocking to performance in one week. We had rehearsal every day from 9-12, and I spent the rest of each day lying down and reading, with some occasional socializing in camp, and Bob’s filk night on Thursday of War Week. It wiped me out.

I’m not hugely fit anymore; I am tired almost all of the time, and when I’m at Pennsic, I have to walk with a cane, or else I would have to sit down at the side of the road until someone carried me back to camp. The rehearsals were literally all I could manage most days; I went to one order meeting, and I nearly threw up from a combination of fatigue and heat. I managed about 1/2 an hour at the A&S display, and almost fell over from fatigue.  Rehearsing for the play took everything I had, but I loved it enough that I’d do it all the same way again.

Aside from doing stuff with Bob, I haven’t acted in anything since high school. I’m not about to get into acting now – for one thing, thyroid/menopause brain has done a real number on my ability to memorize dialogue, for another, I’m more about the singing and writing music. But Bob loves acting, and he’s really good at it, so I look forward to seeing him in more KWP productions.

The KWP people are all lovely people, and I really enjoyed working with them. Our director, Sofia ‘Zsof’ Tyzes, was an utter joy to work with – knowing just the right direction to give, corralling a bunch of actors (which is like herding a bunch of cats who have decided to hit the vaudeville circuit – and I’m including myself in that description, trust me), and just knowing, knowing, exactly how to bring the best performance out of us. I can’t tell you how much that makes me better. Making her laugh made my day.

It was wonderful. And I’m never doing it again. 🙂

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