I’m putting up some steampunk pictures because I applied to teach a workshop at Key City Steampunk Fair in August. (Hello, nice people! I am good at making things, and I think people will be very happy with their floral hair combs!)  If they decide to accept my proposal, I’ll be helping people make floral hair combs that are similar to the floral pieces I made for my purple silk dress. So! Photos.

I made the dress years ago, but it’s undergone some extensive improvements and additions. It was initially made for a Lost Cause (singing group) performance where we all dressed in Victorian-style duds. I also wore it to CostumeCon in 2019. Here it is on my dress form, in my sitting room, 2009:



Close-ups of the flowers (the floral pieces are similar to the ones people will make if my workshop is accepted).DSCF0695

After this point, I added led light strings, for SPWF in 2016, but I didn’t get the wires tacked down in time, so I was only able to wear the dress for a little bit, as holding my arms away from my body (to avoid crossing the streams) was painful. My dear friend Tara helped me into it, and she is amazing.

purple victorian front at SPWF 2016purple victorian back at SPWF 2016 - Copy

purple victorian at SPWF 2016 - Copy

After SPWF, I sewed the light wires down to the dress, curled the wired beads a bit more tightly, and added more lace and velvet trim. 

I had the chance to wear it again (and with my husband to lace me in!) at Vic’s 2019 Steampunk Murder Mystery party. Bob (who was playing my father! – it was hilarious) Had me fix some things to make it easier to dress me, and we solved a few small issues. 

steampunk vics photo of me and Bob2 colour correct

You can see I’m not wearing the head piece – it had some problems, and I fixed it after the party. This is almost exactly what the workshop hair combs will look like, but we will do 2-3 rosettes, not 4, and the comb will be a little bit smaller (maybe). It will even light up!DSCF5962DSCF5964

So, charming, delightful Key City Steampunk Fair people, this is the kind of stuff I do. I don’t have an Etsy store, but I do sometimes sell at craft shows. I love sharing ideas and making everyone’s experience better.


N.B. The decor in the room at the Steampunk party is a mix of my stuff, Harv and Vic’s stuff, Kirk and Cindy’s stuff, and Tom and Heather’s furniture, including the lovely “apothecary cabinet” that is actually a reproduction of a 16th c. cupboard, made by Tom.  I do things in bird cages, bottles, and shadowboxes. You can’t see them because they’re behind us, but the cabinet is filled with my “curiosities”. I’ve been making them for several years now (Bob has forbidden any more birdcages!). I’ll post some pictures of those from various years next time.

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